If you want to know how to switch users in Windows 11, read this post. Windows 11 has a feature, called Windows Fast User Switching, that allows you to switch accounts in Windows 11 without closing your apps or files.

Knowing how to switch user accounts in Windows 11 is very helpful. Because, the apps continued running under the account that was open and when you come back, you can pick up where you left off your work.

In this post, we will guide you through the necessary steps to know how to switch users in Windows 11, without pausing the work that was being done on the previous account.

How to Quickly Switch Between Windows 11 User Accounts

To switch users with a single shortcut in Windows 11, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the CTL + ALT + DEL keys.
  2. Click Switch User.
  1. Choose the other user you want to log in.
  2. Enter the password.
  3. Press Enter.

After following the steps above, you will be able to sign in with another user in Windows 11.


Find out what is the shortcut to switch users in Windows 11.

So, follow the steps above and let us know in the comments if you were able to switch users on Windows 11 PC correctly.

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