If you want to know how to login with image in Windows 11, read this post. You can log into Windows 11 using just one image and a set of three unique gestures that you will draw on the image, creating unique patterns.

Knowing how to log on to Windows 11 through image is very interesting. Because, the chances of someone guessing the chosen image and drawings, which serve as an extra layer of security, are very slim.

In this post, we will guide you through the necessary steps to know how to log in to Windows 11 using an image.

How to Login to Windows 11 Using Image Only

To use picture password in Windows 11, to protect your user account, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Click Sign-in Options.
  1. Enter your current password.
  2. Click OK.

6. Click Choose picture.

  1. Find the image on your computer.
  2. Click Use this picture.

9. Draw 3 gestures on the login image.

Note: the pattern of gestures in the login image, which can be circles, straight lines or touches, can be done with the mouse, touchpad or with the fingers on the touch screen. Remember the size, gestures and direction.

10. Click Finish.

After following the steps above, you will need to choose the right photo and the correct management pattern to enter the Windows 11 user account.


Learn how to use image to log in to Windows 11. That way, you can log in to your PC without having to record complex passwords.

So, follow the steps above and say in the comments if you were able to use image as a login in Windows 11, to access the computer’s user account.

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